Wind Power Projects

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India is the fifth largest wind power producer in the World after Germany, USA, Denmark and Spain with a wind power generation capacity of 1870 MW. The gross wind energy potential in India has been estimated at 45000MW. About 11.3 billion units of electricity have been fed in to various state grids from these projects. The Wind Resource Assessment Programme (WRAP) carried out in India is to assess the wind potential. This programme is being implemented by statenodal agencies and C-Wet through Wind Energy Survey Project.

In the state of Punjab as per earlier Wind Resource Assessment carried out by C-Wet there is no wind speed resign at lower heights (25 Mtrs.). However, there is a possibility of higher wind speeds at heights close to 100 mtrs. Under the state NRSE Policy-2006, the govt. is keen to provide all support for setting up of wind power projects.

There is possibility of sufficient wind power potential being available at higher heights in the State, which canbe harnessed with the improvement in low speed wind power technology. There is immediate necessity for wind mapping in the State to assess and exploit the available potential. The state will support such programs. Self identified projects in this sector shall be promoted by allowing private developers to set up wind power projects on first come first served basis on the basis of wind data assessment carried out by them .

PEDA in its recent initiatives to develop the wind energy, has signed MoUs with two major wind power companies for wind resource assessment and on completion of the wind speed assessments, setting up of wind power projects in the state.