LED Based Solar Street Lighting System

LED Based Solar Street Lighting System with Lithium Ferro Phosphate Battery

The Solar Street Lighting Programme was launched by the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy Sources, Govt. of India in the year 1999 under Central Financial Assistance (CFA) of 30% in the state of Punjab. Recently, MNRE GOI has allocated 19000 Solar Street Lights with Lithium-ion batteries to PEDA through centralized e-tender process. As per guidelines 70% share will be provided by State Govt./ beneficiaries and only 30% CFA will be provided by MNRE, GOI.


Solar Cell is the basic component of any solar Photovoltaic (SPV) system, which converts sunlight into useful electricity. The electricity generated by the SPV panel during sunshine hours is stored in the battery. The electronic circuit sensor the dusk through the SPV panel and switches ON the lamp, operates it for the whole night and turns it OFF automatically at dawn.

Benefits of Solar Street Lights: -

  1. Solar street lights are independent of the utility grid. Hence, the operation costs are minimized.
  2. Solar street lights require less maintenance compared to conventional street lights.
  3. This is a non-polluting source of electricity.
  4. Separate parts of solar system can be easily carried to the remote areas.
  5. It allows the saving of energy and cost.

Cost of Solar Street Light: Rs. 13150/- per Solar Street Light including five years warranty & AMC.

Achievement: PEDA with its relentless efforts has achieved numerous milestones in the installation & commissioning of 52340 Nos. of SSL's in 2191 villages of the state of Punjab.

Action Plan: PEDA has planning the supply, installation & commissioning of 63000 Solar Street Lights with Lithium Ferro Phosphate Battery during F.Y.2019-23.