About Us

Punjab Energy Development Agency is operating in the following broad functional areas:

  • Promotion and Development of Small/Micro Hydel projects on canal falls.
  • Promotion and Development of Biomass/Agro residue based power projects.
  • Co-generation power project in Sugar Mills and Paper industry
  • Promotion and Development of Solar Photovoltaic and Solar thermal power projects.
  • Promotion and Development of Waste to Energy projects.
  • Promotion and Development of Solar Photovoltaic based technologies
  • Promotion and Development of Biomass based gasifiers
  • Promotion and Development of Solar thermal systems
  • Implementation of Energy Conservation Act
  • Biogas development programme through setting up large size Institutional/Nigh Soil based biogas plants and Family Size biogas plants.
  • Energy conservation
  • Solar Passive Architecture
  • Fabrication of Mobile Exhibition Vans
  • Creating Awareness & Publicity in masses to adopt Non-conventional Energy Sources and Energy Saving /Conservation

Annual funds received from MNRE including grants, service charges etc. exclusively meant for utilisation by SNAs against their recurring and non-recurring expenditures.

All the programmes/projects are monitored as per MNRE, GOI guidelines circulated along with the programme/project implementation sanction/guidelines. Monitoring of each programme/project is carried out by the field staff as well as from PEDA head office. Programme evaluation and reporting to MNRE is in accordance with the reporting formats/performas of MNRE, GOI, both for physical as well as financial evaluation.

PEDA is setting different NRSE devices/System through its dealer network established at the distt./block level. In addition a chain of private dealer has also been set up for providing these services to the beneficiaries in the state. Self Employed Workers have been trained for promoting the use of various NRSE devices/systems as well as after sale/installation services to the people in their area of operation.

Most of the renewable energy programmes are being implemented with directions/control from the Head Office with field officers at district level performing the function of supervising and implementation of the programmes in the rural areas.

Major thrust has been given to provide facilities to the private developers by PEDA for the development of renewable energy projects in the state. New and Renewable Sources of Energy Policy-2012 (NRSE) has been formulated and approved recently by the state govt. for implementation in the state, which provides for a greater degree of private sector participation in the development of the renewable energy potential in the state.

As per our new NRSE policy 2006, PEDA shall be the nodal agency for providing single window clearance to private developers for NRSE projects and shall coordinate and interact with various govt. departments/organisations for providing the various clearances. The renewable energy policy has provided for a single window clearance mechanism as per which an empowered committee has been constituted for providing clearance and approval for new projects. The details of the approval of the clearance procedure have been incorporated in this policy.

PEDA has been laying special emphasis on tapping international funding for developing renewable energy projects in the state. Efforts made by PEDA in this area have yielded considerable results in the shape of setting up of renewable energy power generation projects.