Things to keep in Mind before buying Solar

Today electricity is being used in every household and this usage is increasing day by day but at the same time the cost of electricity is also increasing, that is why you may try more and more to save electricity. To reduce power, you often reduce your use of electrical appliances. But, still there are some devices which you have to use in any case. That is why we encourage you to use the solar system to save electricity.

After installing a solar system, you can use electricity free of cost. But, before you install a suitable solar system, you have to take care of certain things that are mentioned below.

Solar systems are of two type, as mentioned below:

1. Off-Grid Solar System: In an off-grid solar system you have to use Solar Panel, Inverter, and Battery. Off-grid solar systems are used at such a place. Where electricity comes for a short time. In an off-grid solar system, you get battery backup. So that you can run your home appliance even when the main supply is turned off. And off-grid solar systems are also used in places where there is no electricity connection. On such a day, with the help of solar panels, we can charge the battery and use it at night time.

2. On-Grid Solar System: On-grid solar system is mainly used to save power. Because an on-grid solar system works only when Main Supply is available. When the Main Supply stops. So the on-grid solar system also shuts down. And it does not give you any kind of electricity. On-grid solar systems use only solar panels and inverters. And with the help of inverters, all the appliances in your home are run, and if your solar system makes more electricity than your load. So you can also sell electricity.

Which of these two solar systems do you need?

This will depend on your usage. If you need battery backup then you have to install an off-grid solar system and if you need to save electricity, and if you have less power then you have to install an on-grid solar system.

Two types of solar panels are available, namely Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline

  • Monocrystalline: The area where the weather is bad or the sun is visible for a short time only. Monocrystalline solar panels would be very beneficial in that area. It can also work in low sunlight. The efficiency of monocrystalline panels is higher than that of polycrystalline panels.
  • Polycrystalline: Polycrystalline solar panels are used in the area with good sunlight. And their efficiency is slightly less than Monocrystalline. That is why their price is also low, so if you get good sunlight in your area, then only use Polycrystalline.
  • Calculate Your Load

    Many people make the same mistake before purchasing a solar system. They get solar systems randomly. They do not know how many loads can run on a large solar system. So do not make such a mistake, first of all, find the load of all your equipment that you want to run on the solar system.

    2 Ceiling fan = 160 watt (80 + 80 w)
    5 CFL Light = 100 watt (20w per Light)
    1 Ton Air Conditioner = 1250 watt
    32 Inch LED Tv = 50 watt
    Total = 160 + 100 + 1250 +50 = 1560 Watt (1.5 kW) (Estimated)

    If you want to run a load of 1560 watts on a solar system, then you have to install at least 2.5 Kilowatts of a solar system for this. But if you install an off-grid solar system, you will also need the power to charge the battery, so you must install a solar system larger than 2.5 kilowatts with 4-6 hours backup.