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State Partnership for Energy Efficiency Demonstrations (SPEED): This Sub Component Comprises of Two Major Activities.

a. Implementation of energy efficiency demonstration projects. The main objectives of these demonstration projects are:

  • To showcase the effectiveness of energy efficient devices / technologies through practical demonstrations.
  • To facilitate the State Governments in replicating these demonstration projects through various departments / agencies.

These demonstration projects can be implemented by the SDAs in the areas of street lighting, water pumping (drinking water supply systems, agricultural water pumping systems, etc.), retrofitting of electrical equipment / appliances in buildings, installation of smart-meters in municipalities, Government buildings, etc., waste heat recovery, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, etc.

PEDA has taken various initiatives for demonstration projects in the state of Punjab.(Click here)

Implementation of Demonstration Projects in Rural Drinking Water Supply Systems in Rajpura Division, Distt. Patiala

Supply & Installation of Energy Efficient Electrical Equipment/ Appliances at Institute for Auto Parts & Hand Tools Technology, Ludhiana

Post top fitting 25 W LED


18W LED down lighter

LED 9W direct fit lamp

120W LED Flood light

20W LED Tube lights

Supply & Installation of Energy Efficient Electrical Equipment/ Appliances at Punjab Police Housing Corporation, S.A.S Nagar (Mohali)

b. Implementation of energy efficiency activities in Government schools
The main objectives of this endeavour are as below.

  • Even though, schools being a very important institution of the country, it has been neglected in the area of energy efficiency, as of now. Therefore, the objective is to replace all existing conventional luminaries with LED fixtures and conventional fans with energy efficient fans in schools across the country, initiating with the Govt. schools.
  • Disseminating awareness amongst school children by way of establishing energy clubs, organizing debates, quiz programs, etc. thereby encouraging participation of young ambassadors in energy efficiency movement.
  • Facilitating the State Governments in replicating these practical demonstrations through various departments / agencies.

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